Foothills Wildlife Management Area Map

The above link will take you to a map that contains the Foothills Wildlife Management Area (FWMA). This map is located on the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) website.

Our entire back property line (over 2,000 feet) is adjacent to the FWMA, which includes well over 11,000 acres. The FWMA goes from our property all the way to the Foothills Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the Southeast and Chilhowee Lake to the South.

If you're curious where our land borders the FWMA, open the map and follow these directions: Find the large section of the FWMA (shaded tan). Find the northern most point that is a funny shape. It is located between 3 creeks (Little Mountain Branch, Six Mile Creek, & Turkey Pen Branch). The side facing Turkey Pen Branch borders our property. (You may need to go to the top of the page and increase the size to 150%, which will enable you to read the writing on the map better.)

What does that mean for whoever buys this land? A huge backyard and natural playground with no neighbors (except the furry kind)!

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

The above link is to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. It has tons of great information about wildlife, hunting, fishing, maps and other related subjects. Check it out.

Foothills Land Conservancy

The Foothills Land Conservancy is a non-profit organization that donated what is now the Foothills Wildlife Management Area to TWRA. You can read some of the history of the project along with other land conservation efforts.